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Tree  Services
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> We are a fully licensed and insured tree company.
> All work is supervised or performed by a licensed arborist.
> We do not collect payment for work until work is complete.
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Tree Trimming


Like humans, each tree is different. Some need more care, some need little care. The best way to determine what amount of care your tree needs is to have an arborist take a look at it. Younger trees may need frequent pruning while old mature trees may only need to be trimmed every five years. 
Tree trimming helps trees live long, healthy lives, but it can be a hassle for many residents, especially on very tall or large trees. If a tree is not properly pruned on a regular basis, it can suffer healthwise, look bad, and even become dangerous to homeowners.
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Tree Removal



If you hire us to remove a tree for you, we won’t just cut the tree and run. As a trusted Sioux Falls tree removal service, we treat your property like it’s our own. Our process is quick and effective. We do it right, hauling away all the wood and leaving your yard looking better than before we got there.
Safety is our number one priority, and our arborists are certified in how to safely remove your trees. We can also completely remove the stumps left behind if you want us to. Every job we do has our name on it, and we promise clean work, outstanding customer service, and customer satisfaction. 

Stump Removal

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Storm Damage​​

Stumps are often difficult to mow around and an annoyance for families that want to utilize their entire yard. At Arbor Pros we can do effective tree stump grinding, getting the stump out all the way down to the roots, and refill the topsoil  if you’d like. We can also grind the stump and let you go from there with cleanup.

Arbor Pros is on-call 24/7 to provide residential and commercial storm clean-up from those more intense storms. We work with every major insurance company to provide qualified, trustworthy storm damage clean-up that’s covered by your insurance. 
Struck by a storm? Call us at (605) 359-0515 and one of our staff will assist you immediately!

Snow Removal

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Let’s face it, when winter gets here the last thing you want to be doing is be out in the cold snow shoveling and snow blowing. That’s where we come into the picture! You can sit back and relax by the fireplace while we take care of all of the snow.
              Our Snow Removal Services Include:
                Residential Driveway Plowing
                Commercial Lot Plowing
                Skid Steer Clearing
                Snow Hauling & Relocation
                Sidewalk De-Icing
                Snow Blowing